Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Leonardo da Vinci

The dawn of the Renaissance saw the birth of the one whose name would be etched on the pages of history for generations to come. His name is Leonardo da Vinci. He was a great painter, writer, scientist, architect, poet, composer, sculptor, mathematician and a natural philosopher. But painting was the only field in which Leonardo's genius was acknowledged in his time.

This Italian artist was born in 1452 in Vinci. Later he settled in Florence, the centre of the Italian renaissance.

His masterpieces include The Last Supper and Mona Lisa. The Last Supper is the painting of the final meal shared by Jesus Christ and his disciples in Jerusalem on or just before Passover. Mona Lisa is the painting of a beautiful lady with an enigmatic smile on her face.

Leornardo da Vinci also made notable contributions in Geography and in Astronomy. Da Vinci was also a great inventor and the credit of the invention of the odometer, wrench, magic lantern etc. goes to him. Besides, it was da Vinci who first dreamed up the idea of the tank and the parachute.

This wonderfully talented man died in 1519.

Jackson Dias

Friday, December 4, 2015

Adeus Amigo

Adeus amigo, adeus my friend. With deep grief and with my sorrowful heart, tears in my eyes, I pen these few lines as a tribute to the late Fr. Jose Desidorio Bismarque Dias, a great son of the soil of Santo Estevam.

It was our Alma Mater St. Theresa High School at Santo Estevam, as tiny tots to adolescent youth we passed out from the school with good and bad experiences and a cheerful life we had spent in school. We were also together in Dhempe College of Arts and Science at Miramar, where we did 12th Science.

Here in our own paradise we shared our views on different topics and you were a trustful counselor to me. You loved and praised our ancestors for giving us this paradise called Jua. We explored the whole island and every cornerstone by walking, talking and admiring the hard work of our ancestors which you always tried to protect. Your Kindness Manifesto (Doiea) during the elections in 2012 was the need of the hour for broken hearts and distressed minds in this materialistic world.

But like David you were fighting with the Goliaths who are standing next to our doors. David won many fights and he also had to surrender to God’s call, but David inherited a whole new world to us. The seed which you have sown will be a fruit-bearing tree of your hard work and the torture which you have gone through.

As the sun sets and there is the moon to give us light, we also have to remember that there are dark nights too. But with hope and grace of the Almighty God we prepare for the new rising dawn the next day.

You will always be remembered in the legacy of Santo Estevam. Adeus amigo, adeus a fearless servant of Christ.

- Jose Lucas Mattos

Monday, November 16, 2015

To Jielo Ani Melo Krista Pasot

Jackson Dias


Fr. Bismarque Dias Jezuchea panvlani chol’lo. Taka fottingponna cholo naslim. Survatek (initially) tannem aplem xikop St. Theresa High School hantunt kelem. M.A. pasun tannem St. Xavier College-int Mumbai keli. Masters in Mass Communications Haryana University-nt xiklo. Taka scholarship mevlleli Westminster University-nt xikunk punn to thuim vochonk nam kiteak Goeam poristhiti vaitt asli. To mhunntalo apunn Englandak gelear Goem sarkem kabar zatelem. To activist koso Goem sambhallunk zhuzlo.Taka  xrixtticho (ecology)  mog  aslo - taka dongor, doria, zhadam, zhori bore bhaxen zai aslim.

Tiracol, Mopa, Carmona ani amchea Zunvemcho taka husko aslo. To Jezuchea panvlani choltalo. Ami dogui dispott’tte melltale. Ek dis taka hanv mellonam zalear taka mhozo husko zatalo. Gelea vorsa hanv dha dis hospitalant aslom. To zaito vavurlo. Tannem mhaka sanglem, “Jackson, amkam zaito vavr asa; tum tuji bholaiki sambhall.”

Kitlim vorsam Raheja Project-hacho Carmona proxnn suttavo zainaslo. Tannem mhaka sanglem tuzo ixtt dadagiri korta mhunn. Ani jedna hanv tache borobor Carmona gelom mhoje borobor Sudip Dalvi, William Rodrigues ani Fr. Juvenian asle. Hanvem mhojea ixttak sanglem tuji dadagiri cholchinam mhunn. To mhaka Carmona polloun ojeap zalo. Pin drop silence. Jahir sobha (meeting) bore bhaxen zali. To mhunntalo mhaka lagun xanti zali. Mhojim gavpim (singers) Astria ani Carran mhaka sangtalim amkaim Carmona vhor mhunn, punn hanvem tankam sanglem thuim poristhiti marekar (dangerous) asa. Tumkam kiteak trasant ghalum? Melear ami dogui (hanv ani Bismarque) moroiea.

Facebookache timeline-icher Fr. Bismarque-an mhaka oxem boroilem: “Shakespeare of Jua, Bhagat Singh of Goa.” Mhozo ixtt Oswald Rodrigues hannem mhaka ho blog korun dilo “The Santo Estevam Blog”. Mhaka sonvsarachim vhoddponnam naka aslim. Tin vorsam to mhaka sangtalo Facebook account ugtto kor mhunn kiteak mhoje ixtt tache lagchean mhoji khobor ghetale. Xekim mhojea sobrinhan Clive Dias hannem mhaka Facebook account korun dilo.

Fr. Bismarque, tum mhaka Master mhunntaloi. Hanv tuka Guru mhunntalom. Tuje vorvim hanv zaitem xiklom. Tum mhaka mhunntaloi, “Tuji jib mhunnchem suri (knife) ani tujem pen mhunnchem torsad (sword).” Tunvem mhaka sangleim bholaiki sambhall mhunn. Punn tunch sonvsar soddun geloi. Tum aiz Jezuchea sangata asai.


Friday, October 23, 2015

Summary (Utor)

Carran:                        Hanga mhozo mogi ani hanv hea zagear bhett’talim. Aiz tin mhoine zale                                       tachi khoboruch nam. Hanv nokom taka mhozo rag aila zalear. Vo to duent                                       zaun hospitalant asa zalear.

Jackson:                      Carran…

Carran:                        Kitem, zaitea tempan? Aiz tujem uzvaddlam kitem?

Jackson:                      Atam uzvaddunk nam. Uzvaddlam Norway Eropak.

Carran:                        Tum itlo temp khuim asloi?

Jackson:                      Tum nokllo hanv busy asam mhunn? Hanv Musical Protest hea groupan                                        bhitor sorlam ani akhea Goeam bhonvtam.

Carran:                        Tum mhaka tuje bori Carmona kiteak vhoronaim?

Jackson:                      Carmona vochop mhunnge ekdom perig epar. Thuim amkam goonda                                      marunk ieit zalear tuka tanche lagim zhogddonk zatelem?

Carran:                        Tum ek sang mhaka – tum tea disa pular konna lagim uloitaloi?

Jackson:                      Hanv mhojea eka frienda lagim uloitalom.

Carran:                        Tem tujem friend konn?

Jackson:                      Tem mhojem friend Nirma.

Carran:                        Nirma kitem washing powder?

Jackson:                      Washing powder nhoi, Amul Butter.

Carran:                        Ami hangasorlim iea, kiteak Father tor amkam poit zalear te amcher                                      chavoutele.

Jackson:                      Ami hangasorlim panch minutani iea.

Carran:                        Jackson, hem mhaka tujem kontak ieunchem nam, hanv tuka borean                                      sangtam.

Jackson:                      Tuka kontak ieunchem nam zalear tu mhaka atanch soddun di.

Carran:                        Hem tum mhaka atam sangtai?

Sunday, October 18, 2015